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HTTP Headers

An overview of all tracking-relevant HTTP headers in owntag SGTM containers.

The following HTTP headers are available to you in requests in owntag Server Side GTM containers:

Header Description Additional Information
x-owntag-userip The complete IP address of the user, which can be either IPv4 or IPv6.
x-owntag-usercountry The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, determined by the owntag geolocation owntag Geolocation
x-owntag-host The hostname to which the request was originally sent. Useful if your SGTM container is accessible under multiple hostnames.
x-request-id A random, unique ID of the incoming request in UUIDv4 Format
x-owntag-browser-fingerprint A browser fingerprint as an alternative to cookie-based client IDs owntag Browser Fingerprint

Accessing the HTTP Headers in Server Side GTM

To utilize the information transmitted in the headers, you can create corresponding “Request Header” type variables in Server Side GTM:

Screenshot of the selection of different variable types in Server Side Google Tag Manager

Then, you enter the name of the header as the variable name, such as x-owntag-userip here:

Screenshot of a Server Side GTM Variable of type “Request Header” with ‘x-owntag-userip’ in the name field