Your own Server Side GTM Container with a single click.

100% EU-based hosting for your tracking infrastructure.


We'll take care of the tech.

Leave the boring technical setup to us so you have more time to focus working on your tags.

Automatic Scaling

No matter how much traffic you have, we'll handle the scaling for you.

Clear, simple pricing

5 million requests are part of the base package, after that you'll be billed per additional 100k requests.

Your own domain

You can use your own subdomain with your owntag SGTM container, e. g.

Reliable infrastructure

We run without Google, Amazon or Microsoft, exclusively and privacy-friendly on EU-based servers.

It doesn't get any easier

Not a techie?
No problem!

You shouldn't have to be a DevOps Engineer to set up privacy-friendly tracking.

With owntag you can set up your own SGTM container with a single click – without dealing with cloud providers or your complicated command line interfaces.

100% European hosting

100% Server Side GTM
0% Google infrastructure

One of the biggest advantages of owntag is that you don't have to run in on Google's infrastructure.

And that's exactly what we're offering: The best Google software, but on servers in Europe, operated by a European company.

No surprises


You shouldn't have to think about "instances", "virtual machines" or worry about scaling.
With owntag you get predictable pricing and no surprises.

Base plan

100 € / month

5 million requests

Access to ready-made (S)GTM container templates to speed up your implementation

Automatic scaling, even during unexpected traffic peaks

Automatic updates to the latest SGTM versions

+ 1.50 €

per additional 100.000 requests

No surprises: We'll let you know once you pass the base plan quota.


Any questions?